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Ultimate Plumber Leak Detection App

Fast and Easy Leak Detection


The Ultimate Plumber App

One of the most advanced apps for students and plumbers in the 21st century. Identify and locate leaks with a few simple and easy guides. Directing you every step of the way to stop a leak for a novice or professional this is a very easy app to use. Other great sources of information on home water leaks can be found on h2ousegeek


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Purity ring app is a simple house water leak detection tool for students and professionals, with handy videos , step-by-step photos and guides in detecting any leak in any room in your home. Plumbing can be a huge stress on any home owner and we have developed this simple to use application to help you identify your leak and how to quickly fix the problem. Download NOW and see how this app can help you fix leaky faucets, shower heads, water heaters and every other house leak in your home.


The easy to use application is broken down in to sections like


  • Bathroom plumbing

  • Kitchen Plumbing

  • Garden and out Door

  • Water heaters

  • Internal pipe plumbing

Fix and Identify;

  • Leaking Faucets

  • Leaking Shower Heads

  • Leaking Water Heaters

  • Leaky Toilet

  • Leaking Basments

  • Leaking under Basins

And much much more

  • Fast and Easy Leak Detection