7 Figure Cycle Review

In January 2018, Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton, two online entrepreneurs who have years of experience in building out businesses, are releasing an online course.  We will write an extensive 7 figure cycle review once we get more information. This way the system works is by leveraging a profit cycle at a 50%+ profit every 2 weeks & replicate that up to 26 times per year.

Here’s a rough overview of the system:

  • Choose a supplier from the PRIVATE database
  • Run the products available through proprietary software called “PROFIT BLAZE”
  • Identify the money making chances from millions of products
  • Negotiate the final price & buy the products
  • Send the products to the Amazon warehouse
  • Sell them in about 14 days at a %50+ profit margin
  • Repeat the process up to 26 times a year!

The great thing about this plan is the fact that there is no need for:

  • AD spend or minimal
  • a website
  • product development or stock
  • branding
  • customer support

Amazon.com has millions of HUNGRY buyers visiting their website EVERY DAY which are likely to buy. Over the years, Amazon has built a relationship with the customer base through TRUST & INTEGRITY, which makes it the perfect platform to sell almost any product.

The great thing about the system that Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Todd Snively& Chris Keek put together is the fact that once your products are on Amazon, you could EXPECT to see profits in a matter of hours.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton – Our 7 Figure Cycle Review

Like I have said before, we are still not sure on what exactly they’ll be teaching in the course, but make sure you check back once we get the member’s area preview & read our in depth 7 Figure Cycle Review & Bonus by Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton. This is surely one of the best opportunities if you need to learn about how to build an online business so ensure you note it on your calendars, because you do not want to miss out on the knowledge & value they will be sharing! Until next time…

Here’s what makes this system groundbreaking:

  • The plans outlined in the training already have $52,000,000 in revenue PROOF! Aidan, Todd, Steve & Chris collectively made over $20,000,000 & their “beta testing” group of students made over $32,000,000. Talk about PROOF!
  • Brand New eCom Business Model– Unlike most of the available training, teaching you how to private label/dropship your products, this is something we have not seen ANYONE else doing, probably due to the fact NOBODY is able to analyze that much data.
  • The PROFIT BLAZE software– the private software they’ve been using to analyze millions of products is the bread & butter of the system. The size of product catalogs that wholesalers have is outstanding & picking out profitable products without the software would be IMPOSSIBLE. You could also add in your own data-feeds & find a profit making product in a matter of seconds!
  • Business in a Box for EVERY Customer– once you become a member of the training course, you will get a product which will be 200% GUARANTEED to make your money. If it does not, you will get the cash equivalent – that is how confident they’re in their system!
  • Wholesalers Contracts– you get access to the private network of suppliers & more importantly, already have contracts in place for you to leverage & get access to MILLIONS of products at will!
  • Access to Private “Preparation Centers”– a done for your logistic service that you could use both internationally & in the USA. These prep-centers are a result of years being in the business & connections built with business owners all over the world.

Testimonials from Current Students

Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton had a hugely successful training called the 100k factory. In fact, it was in so much demand that they launched it 3 times. Every-time it was groundbreaking & HELPED a lot of people literally change their lives! Here’re a few testimonials from past students of the last 100k factory training course:

This is a student that did ALMOST $4 Million USD in 2017 using the EXACT techniques & strategies Steve & Aidan were teaching in their 100k factory training.

It’s results like the above that really make it all worthwhile. Below, you could see another student who has successfully implemented the plans outlined in the training. She was skeptical at first, like you are probably, about the all “online business” thing, but after achieving success this is an INSPIRING post that she wrote.

Where to buy?

You’ll be able to sign up on the official 7 figure cycle website when the application is made available to the public.

Our Master Package Bonus

Need to get the best support possible from the most awesome internet marketers? you should not miss out on our MASSIVE “master package” that will come with your purchase!

While the exact plan behind the system is still not publicly available, it’ll probably be a combination of what they learned over the years.

Here is what Aidan & Steve have expertise in:

Amazon FBA – they have both sold multiple millions worth of products with using Amazon FBA. They both private label generic everyday products & sell them on Amazon. The trick is to market & optimize your listings for organic traffic on their sales platform. Like Google, they have a search engine, which runs on an algorithm, that could be manipulated. Once you rank your products for certain money keywords, the income is more/less passive. All that is left is to make sure you’re in stock.

Affiliate Marketing – another part of their business is based on affiliate marketing. This is where a commission is paid out, whenever people buy a product coming from your affiliate link. Everything is tracked with cookies & you only get paid when a sale occurs. This is a great way to generate more/less passive income by writing occasional emails and running ads. The bad thing is that you do not get the customers information such as email, but on the contrary you minimize the responsibility.

Dropshipping – the way that was based was solely on the dropshipping model, where you do not keep any stock & sell products via an eCommerce store, usually running on Shopify. To put it simply: customer buy products from your website & only after you get paid, you go out & order that product for a lower price at your supplier & let them ship it out to your customer. This is a great business model not very hard to learn & extremely lucrative.

Information products – this is something they have been doing lately. Their course on dropshipping was a big success, with many students reaching their desired income levels & quitting their day jobs. The way this model works is by teaching other people & helping them achieve success with an online course. As Aidan and Steve are experts of dropshipping, they wanted to put all of their knowledge in an online course and help people achieve the same success.


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